Thursday, October 8, 2009

Welcome Home Marshall Family! Welcome Home!

Can't wait to watch the TV show of Extreme Home Makeover now that we were there for some of the filming, especially the most exciting part - when the family comes home! Brad & I both got to volunteer and our whole family was there on the last day. It involved a lot of waiting and practicing for the family to come. At times we thought we were crazy standing for so long - and it was a little cold. Surprisingly, Lila stood for hours and hours happily. Our highlights were: volunteering, yelling Move That Bus! seeing the stars (the hollywood stars - good thing we didn't have to wait until the actual stars came out), learning about television production, being with our friends, being outside in the autumn, seeing how fast a house can be built, Brad being interviewed by local news, community spirit, and knowing how the Marshall family would be blessed in all of this and watching them come home. Their excitement made the hours of standing worth it for sure! I'll try to post a video soon. Brad took several so I have to watch them to see which is the best.

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