Wednesday, November 18, 2009

In the Meantime

In the Meantime

Your will for today
is what I pray,
but my heart doesn't always follow.

I trust in Your Word
and all I have heard,
but what do I do with tomorrow?

Your voice comforts me
and calms my anxiety
with a peace I can't understand.

I fall asleep slowly
with my hope only in Thee
and the assurance of Your loving hand.

Your goodness is true
even when I can't see through;
I pray for Your patience and grace.

Your blessings abound
all I need is look around
Right here in front of my face.

So thank you my Lord
Keep my heart in accord -
Full of gratitude and thanksgiving.

I want my life to attest
that I tried my best
to be faithful in all of my living.


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