Thursday, November 12, 2009


I just received my grade in the mail today from a class I was taking to renew my teaching certificate. It was on journaling - keeping a Teacher's Journal as well as using journaling with your students. I loved it! Besides reading Scrapbook Storytelling, I also read Educating Esme. Both were good. My project was to keep a Teacher's Reflective Journal. I found it to be a great benefit to reflect on our school days and keep a record of our year. It helped me set goals and to be accountable to them. Plus, as I add pictures to the journal, it makes an excellent record/yearbook of our school year.

For fun I've been reading Pages of Faith, about faithbooking. I'm getting ready to start writing Lila's Story of her adoption, and I want to include how God led us through her adoption process. I want her to know that God built our family. One of my favorite authors, Catherine Marshall, wrote a book about her life called Meeting God at Every Turn. I hope to write more family stories after Lila's, and I want them all to tell God's story of our lives.

Anyway, I signed up with Cherish Bound as a way to publish these stories and to have multiple copies for the kids. I'm looking forward to having a hardbound copy of our stories as part of sharing our faith and passing down some stories. Another reason I like Cherish Bound is all the story starters they offer to help you write your stories, including one on adoption. My goal is to get Lila's done for Christmas.

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