Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Hole in Our Gospel

For Lent this year I have been going through the Six Week Quest ( calendar focusing on poverty. It is based on a book by Rich Stearns. Each day focuses on different aspects of poverty and our response to that based on scripture. I know that all I have is God's, but I know I don't live like that on a regular basis. I have been blessed by God to be a blessing to others and the daily reminder has been good for me. The founder of Compassion, Everett Swanson responded to God's call to his heart after seeing the thousands and thousands of orphans following the Korean War. A friend asked him, "Now that you have seen, what will you do?"

I am trying to answer that question too. What will I do? Henry Blackaby says, "Find out what God is doing and then join Him." So I am praying that God will lead, and I will follow.

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