Monday, April 12, 2010

Homeschool Testing & Pillowcase Challenge

Today and tomorrow the kids are taking standardized tests for homeschool evaluation.  They are always glad to have these done.  Kyle only has one more week of Geometry!  So we are slowly finishing up some of the core subjects for the year!  Yay!  We'll keep doing school, but have a little more time for "specials"  like creative writing and art.  Mara is working on a fiction story to self-publish for Lila.  Kyle is working on a book on the country of Liberia.  I'm still trying to finish up Lila's adoption story.  So maybe in the next month or so we will have 3 new books by the Gellerstedts.

I'm also working on a service project for the Gems Girls group that I lead.  We are going to take the Pillowcase Challenge - by making pillowcases to donate to charities.  Interested in taking the pillowcase challenge, go here:

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