Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Colors Coming Soon

Finally we have flowers blooming!  And our forsythia too!  If I was better at gardening, I'm sure we would have more.  But we love each and every flower.  Hopefully the April showers today will bring even more.  I love the colors of spring.  Lila likes to ask almost everyday,"What your favorite color today?"  Mine is daffodil or forsythia yellow.  It's the first color of spring.  I hope to see spring green soon on all the trees.  Our weeping willows are green.  I like crocus purple.  I saw red tulips yesterday, and my lilac is least getting it's leaves.  Some trees are flowering in Hanover and at our church.  I wish we had Redbud trees here- they are my favorite.  I miss the streets in my old suburban neighborhood lined with Bradford pears.  Didn't quite appreciate the Bradford pears when we lived there because they were the trees they put in all the new subdivisions, so they were everywhere.

We are also spring cleaning (slowly) and shopping for spring sandals.  I love sandals for me and the girls.  Shopping for colors to wear too!

Just saw the new Shop Hope apparel store is now open.  Proceeds go to help waiting families and Maria's Big House of Hope.


  1. I'm so excited about my flowers blooming. It's so refreshing

  2. hello, nice to meet you. here for the ubp.