Saturday, September 4, 2010

Summer Recap (July) Nephews and Trip to meet birthmother!

Our summer has been a busy and blessed summer - too busy to sit at the computer. Early July my nephews visited for almost two weeks. Pretty much the hottest two weeks we've ever had. So all my ideas for outdoor New England fun didn't work out except for swimming.  We did get to visit the Polar Caves, eat lots of popsicles, and do the slip and slide.  We also had fun watching America's Got Talent too.  I am so glad they came, and I loved having them here!!

We took the cousins home on our way across the country to meet the birthmother and birthfather that we are matched with.  It was an adventure that we will always remember.  We really like her a lot and are now expectantly waiting to hear from her when she is about to have the baby.  I will write more on this in another post.  We did find out that she is expecting a boy!  So we are thinking of boy names.

On our trip we had some family time with my parents and brother in Colorado Springs, CO.  We love Pike's Peak and Garden of the Gods.  We only were in CO for a couple of days, but very relaxing.  We also toured the Compassion International headquarters Visitor's Center.  We sponsor a boy from Kenya.  The tour gave the kids an idea of what life might be like in Kenya and what Compassion does with the children.  We were inspired.  After Colorado we headed to Kansas to visit my brother and family and aunts and uncles. 

We had lots of swimming fun in the sun everywhere we went!  I will write more in the next post. 

Speaking of swimming, Lila learned to swim this summer!  So we have been swimming at every opportunity!

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  1. I found your blog while searching for posts about Compassion! I hope to visit the GMC in Colorado some time, I am glad you got a chance to check it out! God bless you!