Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Scrapbook Storytelling

Right now I am taking a class on journaling to renew my teaching certificate. It's on how to use journaling as a teacher and with your students. One of the books that was recommended was Scrapbook Storytelling. I have really enjoyed it. I got it from the library and it is pretty inspiring for my education class. Journaling as a teacher helps you to reflect on your students and where they are with their learning and what is working and not working. When students journal it helps them to reflect on their own learning and preserve it some format.

The same is true as we parent our children and preserve our memories and values and what matters most. We also can choose which stories we want to capture and share - a wonderful gift for our children and ourselves. I guess I've always wanted to be able to hold on to some of the little bits of heaven that God gives us here on earth and most importantly try to be able to see God in every moment.

More and more I am living my life in complete amazement of God's goodness! It's especially in all the little things each day. I've been thinking about trying to start writing more of them down. Today I praise God for summer! It's hot, and we so wanted to have summer! I also thank him for helping my daughter Lila during her big sister's campout. She has a hard time with so many big girls in the house, but she was pleasant - so we are off to buy her a wig. Yes a wig. She likes wigs of colored hair to wear for fun.

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