Tuesday, April 19, 2011

In the thick of it!

What have we been up to?  It would seem like nothing if you were checking my blog, but we have been up to our ears in school.  Kyle has finished Government and has just a couple more British Literature books and movies.  Mara is plugging away in pre-algebra.  Lila begs for reading lessons and science experiments almost daily.  We haven't had much of a spring yet (which is a little depressing), but I guess that it makes it easier to stay inside for school.  With time off for our adoption, we have been playing catch up.  Yet, we are all yearning for summer so we can sit back a little without the pressure of school.  We want to enjoy and have fun together, especially with Cody.  I just love how each child adds so much that is uniquely special. 

I know that time with my family is so important, and I need to focus my time, energy, creativity, and love for each one.  That's obvious, but sometimes I'm easily distracted.  But God keeps refocusing me if I am still enough to listen. 

I am hoping to reorganize around the house and baby proof.  Mara wants a more grown-up/teen room since she will soon be a teenager.  Lila needs craft supplies organized to make it easier to clean up or something.  She is a roaming mess maker in our house.  Kyle says his room needs to be re-arranged.  I haven't asked yet what he means.  It feels as if the whole house could use a little thought to make it work better for us.

Mara is into making crafts and cooking.  She wants to do some craft fairs and open an Etsy shop.  I so want to encourage her and have mother/daughter cooking and craft times.  Kyle wants to talk and talk and talk about colleges and majors, or other life decisions all the time.  Lila needs one on one time.  She is such a joy in that setting.  And I so want to plan crafts and experiments.  When she gets bored she is probably making a mess in an attempt to get attention or entertain herself, or she migrates to the tv.  Cody is about to crawl and just loves squealing at everyone. 

I want to not be too busy so that we have time for all these things.  Through all these moments with the kids I want to share God's word and my faith with them.  I want to listen, encourage, teach, and guide them in their faith.  I don't want to be distracted or too busy ... for such a time as this.

Pictures will be posted tomorrow (hopefully) with some of the latest.

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