Saturday, May 28, 2011

Updates to Cody's birthmom

I have been contemplating the fact that I will be writing and sending a letter and 5 pictures to Cody's birth mom for his whole childhood. Every month for the first three years and then quarterly until he's 18 years old.  I am happy to send these and enjoy writing the letters, but it is different to write about Cody in this way when I don't do this with my other kids (Lila we send a once a year letter/pictures to orphanage).  It is as if Cody's birthmom is a part of our family.  And I know in many ways she is - as we share Cody's adoption story with him as he grows up.  And some day we will probably take Cody to meet her.  It's all just a new experience, and I wonder how it will be over the years.  I also feel a little sad that I don't have this for Lila.  We'll see how this is over the years as well.  I know my children are entrusted to me at this time, and I pray to be a faithful servant as their mother.

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