Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wrapping up

The end is in sight! I am making the last assignments for this school year, and I can't wait to be done with "have to" school. I want to just do "fun" everyday learning - nice and relaxed with time for arts and crafts and spontaneity. 

We are finishing up our unit on the human body.  This week we are keeping food journals.  I think the journals are more telling of how healthy I cook than anything about the kids.

This summer Mara is looking forward to doing a lot of cooking and baking - that works for me!  She is even making the grocery lists and all.  Lila will be her sous chef, of course.  Kyle even likes to cook.  Maybe Brad will teach him to BBQ.

We are also looking forward field trips, swim lessons, biking, hiking, camping, but mostly lazy unscheduled days that hopefully can be serendipity days, as I like to call them.  I know we'll be seeing the world through the eyes of Cody which always makes things new.

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