Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Letter Top Ten

I almost thought I wouldn't get around to the annual Christmas letter.  I did write it, and I mailed it to most friends and family - then I ran out of stamps - and the momentum stopped.  In case you didn't get a copy, I'm posting here.  I plan to still get some of those yet-to-be-mailed letters out, maybe in a New Year's card instead.   Love to all family and friends!

Top Ten Christmas 2011

1. Virginia Beach in March – A health and sanity-saver vacation on the beach with just our family. Cody did not like the car ride back then, but it was still so worth it!

2. Kyle got his driver’s license! Now he wants a car, of course. That will probably be in next year’s top ten.

3. Lila dancing! She has natural moves, and she so enjoys her dance class. Especially jazz dance.

4. Mara and the Food Network – In the evenings Mara & I have settled down to enjoy some food shows together to relax from busy days with Cody and Lila. Who knew that this would turn Mara into a cook! It has been a joy and a blessing for our family.

5. A new church – We have started attending a new church. It was a hard and prayerful decision to make, but has been wonderful for our family. We all are growing and learning through God’s word at this church. We hope to find the ways God will have us serve Him there as well.

6. White Water rafting – Mara and Brad had a great time rafting on our vacation with Brad’s family in PA. Unfortunately, Kyle couldn’t go because he got 10 stitches in his hand the day we left for vacation.

7. Birthdays – Well, we’re all a year older: 1, 6, 13, 17, 40-something, and 40-something.

8. Seeing my Granny! We all made a trip to Texas to visit her and the rest of Sara’s family. Granny is 94 years old now, and she just moved up to Kansas.

9. Walking – A top on Cody’s list. He is a fast walker now too. And he climbs and dances and all those cute toddler antics.

10. God’s faithfulness – We are always amazed at God’s loving-kindness. His blessings abound even in hard times.

We pray that all our friends and family will have a blessed new year! Stay in touch, and we hope to see many of you too!

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  1. VA Beach was a highlight for us too :-) Especially having friends and family visit!