Saturday, January 21, 2012

Homeschooling January

This week felt a little scatttered.  Brad had Monday off, and Mara visited the local Christian school just to see what it was like.  So the week started off a little different, and I never really got into the groove after that.  We've done the essentials like math and reading, but I haven't been creative in any subject.  I took Lila and Cody to the science museum - a good field trip midwinter. 

We ended the week with the girls chorus concert.  Always a highlight, except I missed it because Cody had a fever.  I'll have to watch the video.

Moment to Remember:  Mara planned a family game night on Wednesday.  Our dinner was slamwiches inspired by the game Slamwich, accompanied by dice sugar cookies.  We guessed marbles in a jar.  We played Cranium Family Fun and Uno Stacko.  I am thankful for Mara for planning these intentional family nights. 

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