Thursday, May 24, 2012

Homeschool Birds nests!

Lila and Cody went to a class at a local science center this week on birds nests.  We learned how to identify what kind of bird built which nest.  We found some on a hike.  And then the kids did a fun relay game of building their own nests by "flying" back and forth collecting materials to build their team nest.

We have also been watching our own Mama Robin feed her babies in a nest under our deck.
Our Robin Nest

For the Kids Friday

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  1. SOunds like a really cool field trip!! I wish I knew more about identifying birds and trees and all things nature!!

    And the little game sounds great:)

    Maybe a fun learning experience for us... soon!! Thanks for the idea!

  2. Those nests are really awesome! And how neat to be able to watch the Robins! My boys love watching the robins around here pull big fat worms up in the morning. They are rather fat robins too, guess we have some supreme worms in our backyard! :-)

  3. Great field trip! My kids would love to do that - my youngest is especially fascinated by birds and is always on the lookout for nests.