Saturday, May 12, 2012

SimplyFun Games!

I am excited to be an independent consultant with SimplyFun again (I was a consultant before Cody was adopted.)  Since Cody is getting a little older I think we will be able to have more family game nights again.
Do you like to play games?  Games have a wonderful way of creating memories and building relationships through the shared experiences of FUN!  I have fond memories of family game times with my grandparents, brothers, parents, cousins, and with my children.  When I got married, my hubby and I wrote the date in the first game we bought together - it happened to be Yahtzee.

Why I love SimplyFun is because they encourage us to have fun together and grow our relationships.
And since we also homeschool, SimplyFun brings fun into our school since many of the games reinforce learning in a fun, relaxed way. 

My daughters have played these games when their friends come over, when relatives come to visit, or just in the middle of the afternoon.  Summer is just around the corner - another wonderful time for game playing! 

Coming soon ... I am also planning on having a couple fundraisers to raise money to go along with our Scattered Gifts mission.  I thought this could be a great way to raise money for ministries and encourage families in fun at the same time. 

I'd also love to hear about some of your favorite games!

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