Monday, October 15, 2012

Cody at 2 Years Old!

He started the morning with Mara's raspberry sorbet - one of his favorites!
 Sweet Cody at two!  My little baby is growing up.  I am going to have to soak up as much baby snuggles as I can get for as long as I can.  I love as the kids grow up, but I miss some of the special parts that they grow out of.  If only there was some way to capture and hold on to some.  You can take pictures of a sleeping little one, but how do you hold on to that sweet smell of your baby, the way they squeeze you tight, the soft voice that says, "I lub you mommy!", the excitement in their whole body when they are happy, the high squeal of delight, the warm little body sitting on your lap, the hand twirling your hair, the determination to do something all by themselves, the little songs they sing when the words aren't quite right - I could go on.

I've always thought it would be fun to have a day with little Kyle, Mara, or Lila again.  Silly me!

One of my favorite "Cody things" is when he wants to be picked up, he reaches his arms up and says, "Oh baby!"  I guess that must have started way back when he wanted up and I said, "Oh baby!"  I love it!  I hope it lasts a while longer!

Mara made him a basketball cake.

He liked the cake!

His favorite present was a guitar.  Now he can play guitar like Kyle.

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