Saturday, October 13, 2012

Scattered Gifts Catch Up

VisionTrust. Sponsor a child. See the impact.

I haven't been keeping up with posting on how we are trying to Scatter Gifts, our blessings from God, to others.

We were hoping to be able learn about different ways to give, and we have.  We regularly give to several different missionaries and Christian organizations.  But lately, I have been feeling like we don't need to be looking for more and different ways to give, but to be more fully involved and give more where we already are giving.  Unless God brings something else to us along the way.

I still like to learn about other great ways to give and be involved in God's work.  So,  I will still try to post on a somewhat regular basis ones that I come across and highlight some of these ministries/missions on my blog.

One of the organizations we are involved with is Vision Trust.  Our Scattered Gifts this summer was to give Back to School supplies for children in Liberia and other countries.  There are many organizations that collect school supplies for children near and far.

Here are a couple that I came across:

Mission Backpack with Orphan Outreach

Blessings in a Backpack

Global Aid Network Carepacks

Even though school has started, it is not too late to give school supplies.

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