Friday, January 4, 2013

Out with the old - in with the New

We didn't plan it, but we were able to enjoy a somewhat new kitchen for the holidays.  It started early November when our dishwasher broke.  It was so old that it couldn't be repaired.  But, the dishwasher was "floored" in.  Three layers of floor had been put in since the dishwasher, and at least one would need to be removed to get it out or the countertop would have to come off.  We opted to remove a layer of floor.  We tried to time it all to be most convenient and done by Thanksgiving.  But, the dishwasher came a week late.  The floor came, but it wasn't what we ordered.  We reordered - express shipping, but they forgot to send it express.  This soon became a project to be finished right after Thanksgiving.

So, Thanksgiving evening (after our dinner) my husband went to move the stove so he could be ready to put the floor in the next morning.  As he was moving it, the glass oven door shattered, or rather exploded all over the kitchen.  There was a quiet moment after that - nothing said.  My son soon chimed in that the next day was Black Friday with lots of sales.  So, we decided to get a new oven and a new refrigerator - why not?  All our appliances were over 20 years old.

A couple of weeks later the floor was done and all appliances were shining new.  Just in time for Christmas baking.  We were wanting to update the kitchen, and I guess now was the time.  In the spring we plan to paint all the cabinets.  We kinda need a push to start home projects.  We had even been praying about what to do with the kitchen.  So, maybe this was God's way to answer that prayer.

We also painted the door to the garage with chalkboard paint.  I now love that door!

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