Monday, March 25, 2013

Movement and Learning 2

You can add movement and physical education in all the subjects of school.  Getting the kids moving in math and history and science can actually help them learn these subjects as well as get some exercise.  Here is a list of some of the activities that sound like fun to try in our homeschool lessons:

1.  A Wild Rumpus Dance after reading Where the Wild Things Are
2.  Dribble a ball while practicing spelling words
3.  Play Verb Charades
4.  Simon Says Action Words
5.  Line up people or toys alphabetically
6.  Label house with Spanish words
7.  Scavenger hunt for simple machines in house (science)
8.  Play games from around the world
9.  Throw or kick a ball using different adverbs - slowly, softly, quickly, etc.
10.  Body ID - name different body parts to touch with partner - elbow to tummy, chin to knee, etc.

I'll post 10 more next week :).

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