Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mara's Mystery Party and Brunch

Mara's most recent party was a Mystery Party for the family.  She contrived a whole story of a party gone awry when someone at the cake for the party.  She made clues all around the house.  She used cards from the game Guess Who as characters for her story.  She wrote bios that she read to us that included clues to follow to determine Who Ate the Cake!  She even had a sound track to listen to with clues on it.

So, when our family came home from an outing (we thought we were coming to some kind of party), Mara informed us all that we had a mystery to solve.

It was so much fun!  She did a great job with her story and plans.  And her party included decorations (crime tape around the table where the cake disappeared) and yummy food to eat.

I am so thankful for these family memories that Mara is making for us.

This last weekend she also made a Spring Brunch for us - making us homemade bagels, oatmeal muffins and Summer Berry Smoothies (with our Tealightful Tea, Summer Berries).

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