Monday, April 1, 2013

Recent Homeschool Field Trips

 Besides all of our adventures on vacation we have also visited a local Maple Sugar House and the local newspaper. Both were great!  It is sugaring season where we live and the sap is running.  Many of our friends are in the sap making business.  We toured the sugar farm of a local home school family and then had a sugar party with consists of sugar on snow (syrup poured on snow and twirled on a fork like taffy), a donut (for fun), and a pickle (take a bite every now and then to cut down on the sweetness so you can eat more syrup).  We still had snow, so then the kids played.  There was a hint of spring in the air which was nice.  But I also had my cup of tea to cut down on the chill in my toes.

We visited the local paper with a different home school group.  I have always wanted to take the kids there.  I used to want to work for the paper.  When I was in high school I was on the newspaper staff and I also wrote and worked for a couple of local area papers.  So, it brought back memories of those days.
One of these rolls stretches out 5 miles.

These are the negatives - the plates used for printing.

Cody liked the Big Machines!
Spring is field trip season for us.  We are ready to get out and about again.  We are hoping to tour a flour mill, a vet hospital, and the airport yet this spring.

What field trips does your family do?


  1. What wonderful field trips! I wanted to go to a sugar house this year but we just couldn't fit it in. What a great idea to visit the local newspaper - I'll have to call ours to see if they'll let us stop by! Thanks for linking up!

  2. How fun is that?
    I miss living up North and the snow!
    I love the thought of being at a sugar farm.

    We go to Museums and various places around here.


  3. Oh such memories. I love Maple Syrup. We are now spending winters in the warmer climes of Arizona but I do miss the walks in the bush, the crunch of the snow.
    Linking in from Hip Homeschool.
    Janis Cox author of Tadeo Turtle