Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Settling In

The open space with view walking distance from our house.
Whew!  It sure is a lot of work to move more than half way across the country.  We are now in Colorado.  We've been here about a month and beginning to feel like it is becoming home.  Cody seems to have stopped asking to go home or go to our old grocery store. 

We are meeting more people and having fun discovering new places.  We've done some activities with some homeschool groups like visit Hammond's Candies.  We've visited several churches, and I think we have found our church home hopefully.  But, we are still praying about many things and looking to see how God's plan for us here is to unfold.

Moving makes me think about how this world is not our home.  I have had a hard time being in this rental home while waiting for our house to sell and knowing our lease ends this spring and the home will be for sale.  How much do I unpack or decorate?  To make it truly our home I would do so much more.  Will we have to move to another rental?  Will we be able to buy another house or do we want to buy this rental house?  Do I really have to pack everything up again?

But, that's all part of the adventure and part of trusting God.  I was out for breakfast with Lila last weekend, and we were asking each other questions from a mom and me book.  One of the questions was:  Would you rather be able to see the future or be able to read people's minds?  That's a tough question - do I really want either?

I am hoping to write a little more often.  It helps me to feel settled.  So, as Levar says on Reading Rainbow - "Until next time ..."

Our rental house.  We only had a little snow that didn't last long.  Most days have been sunny and pleasant!

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  1. Hi Sara,

    Moving is one of my least favorite activities!! We have moved many times. I hope where we are now is where we stay, but you never know where or when God will tell you to go. I am glad your new place is feeling more like home to you though. We've been in GA eight years and it still doesn't feel like home, but I do like it here.

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