Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ivory Soap School

'We put an ivory soap bar in the microwave today.'
Today we added a little clean fun to our school day.  We put a bar of ivory soap in the microwave to see it grow!  We also read a little bit about the history of soap.  Then so as not to waste the soap, we crumbled it up.  It fell and looked like snow - ivory snow :).  I made some mint tea that we added to the "snow" and kneaded it into a dough.  We molded the dough into some cookie cutters to dry.  Now we have some fun soap bars we can use in the bath tub.  We could of added some food coloring to make them prettier, but I like to use natural dye, and we are all out at the moment.

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  1. We've done this too! Pretty neat, huh? Our cookie cutter bars were a bit crumbly though. How are yours??