Friday, December 4, 2009

First Birthmother

We got an email from the first birthmother that we talked to early in the fall. Her mom (the grandma) decided to raise the baby, which we knew back in September. But the birthmom continued to keep us updated with her situation and asked for prayer. We have spent the last several months praying for her living situation and for her pregnancy. We have been trying to keep encouraging her and pointing her to God. Anyway, she emailed to let us know that she had her baby and all was well and that her living situation is improving - all answers to the many prayers we have prayed on her behalf these last several months! We are thankful.

It's been an interesting assignment from God, I guess. Brad and I both felt like even though this was not the baby for us to adopt, He wanted us to pray for this birthmom and her baby. So we have. I know He's taught and revealed Himself to us as we have been in this strange relationship with this birthmom. One thing I hope I have learned is to just obey even if I don't understand it all. It's not up to me to have the luxury to pick and choose which assignments from God I want. I want to be available for God to use me how He wants. It has been a joy to pray for this birthmom and see the prayers answered. I hope I have been a good and faithful servant, and I know God will continue to love and care for her as He does me.

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