Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Day at Home

We had no place we had to go today!  I love these seemingly rare type of days.  I sleep better the night before - no worries of rushing the kids in the car (we are always late no matter how much time we have).  No pressure to get homeschool done in between activities.  But, oh, there's still so much to do!  Catch up from all our running around days - laundry, cleaning, school, reorganizing, email, phone calls, meal planning, etc.  A trip to the grocery store might have been a good idea, but I decided to just stay home!

So, how did the day go? Here's the highlights:

Lila was in a great mood for school!

We made applesauce finally!  I think it was over a week ago we picked the apples.  Mara made a pie right after we picked.  And we've been eating apples (especially Lila), but we also have a lot of applesauce to make and freeze yet.

Mara made Country Vegetable Pie for dinner - it was very yummy and healthy.

I got all the laundry done and mostly put away.

The kitchen is clean.

Cody took 4 steps all by himself for the first time.

There was time to talk together - conversations that don't happen without down time. 

What a nice day!  (Tomorrow we are back to some running around.)

Cody loves Kyle's guitar

Cody closes his eyes when you say,
"Say cheese!"
This was a month ago when Cody stood by himself for the first time.
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  1. oh what a successful day.
    if only we could schedule more days like this.