Sunday, October 16, 2011


Renewed!  New every morning!  I am so thankful to start again each day.  I don't always start every day off that way, but I have a fresh chance to do that each day!  My dad always tells the kids, "Happy faces in the morning!" before they go to bed at night when he is visiting.  I think it helps.  I usually like to get up and going each morning with a cup of tea.  My baby wakes up with the most precious smile.  My six year old depends on a smile from me to start her day off right.  My 13 year old daughter and 17 year old son don't wake up quite as easily.  It takes all they have to return baby Cody's smile first thing.  They are slow to welcome the day.  Sometimes that is hard for me to wait for their smile.  But, I understand we all wake up differently.  A cup of tea or coffee is a must for many!  I remember reading Having Our Say, the story of the Delaney sisters who lived for over a hundred years.  One sister in her old age woke up each morning thanking God for the day.  They other thought to herself, "Oh no, not another day!"

I know my day always starts better when I thank God for the day!

I have decided I would like to write more often about my days.  Just write.  I love the days God has given me.  Not all of them are easy, but they are good.  And so I hope to write them down more as a way of thanking God for the day.  Today at church we celebrated C. Everett Koop's 95th birthday.  Lila,my six year old, turns to me and says, "He sure is blessed!"  To her living a long life is a blessing.  I don't know how my Granny feels each day.  She is almost 94 years old and her days are hard.  Life can be hard, but it is a blessing from God.

I love to see the adventure story God has for my life - each chapter!  I know all God's stories are worth sharing!

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