Friday, November 18, 2011

Memory Keeping/Giving

I love memory keeping! I have so many projects on my "hope to do soon" list. Last month I enjoyed following a 31 days series on memory keeping that I wanted to share.  Maybe it will inspire you too!  My oldest is getting ready to graduate this year - the time has gone so fast!  I plan to make a school memories book for him.  I also plan to start making family yearbooks and going back through the past years to put together books as well. 

I am hoping/planning to make this a priority, especially after the first of the year.  I'll share my progress along the way, and any good ideas I find - or come up with myself.  Please share any helpful tips that you have too!  I wish I was ready to take advantage of all the specials on photobooks and calendars right now.  I will try to post some specials I find in upcoming posts. 

Here's the link to the series I mentioned:

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  1. This post is inspiring to me....I am an avid journaler and you know I love to take photos...the only time those two come together is when I blog. I love how you wrote about capturing the "school memories"...I do take photos of my lovies during school, but they just sit on my hard drive. One day soon I hope to get around to doing a blog post on homeschool and finally use the photos I have. And I love the yearbook idea! Thank you.