Monday, December 12, 2011

Sleep - Not Overrated!

I have not slept more than 2 hours in a row in over 14 months (since Cody). I can't even imagine a solid night of sleep. Fortunately, for the most part, I do okay. But I do have my exhausted days. I don't keep my house as clean. I'm shorter on patience (although I think I've grown in this area.). I have a hard time making the best use of my time on my extra tired days. I have two teenagers and a hubby who like to have quality time with me in the evening, and I want to too. But sometimes I just fall asleep on them. So we've cut back on our schedule and responsibilities. That has helped.

Cody just isn't a good sleeper. I have been surprised lately to learn how many other moms have similar kids. My oldest was not a good sleeper either. He never could cry himself to sleep - the attempts just traumatized him and made sleep more difficult. So I can't do that again. We resorted to whatever worked for us all to get needed sleep which seemed to be a family sleeping room. We didn't plan it that way.

Anyway, Kyle sleeps fine now, but he is a light sleeper. I know Cody will get better at some point too. So, for all the tired mamas, get your sleep however you can!
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