Monday, January 9, 2012

Ten Kitchen Table Service Projects

1. Decorate placemats, oven mitts, or lunch bags for Meals on Wheels.

2. Color A Smile collects crayon drawings from school children.  Every month we distribute these drawings to Nursing Homes, Meals on Wheels Programs, and Individuals all across the country.  Their goal is to make people smile!

3.  Decorate cards or cookies for a local nursing home.

4.  Collect change for Rice Bowls or Show Hope or another other organization your family chooses.

5.  Make cards and send to Hugs and Hope:  "Happy Mail" Wanted!  Children fighting for their lives have very little to smile about. You can change that by sending them some "Happy Mail." Cheery cards give these kids a few more smiles, a little more hope, and a reason to get out of bed each day.

6.  Write a letter to a soldier through A Million Thanks.

7.  Collect items from your pantry to donate to a local homeless shelter.

8.  Write a letter to missionaries that you or your church sponsors.

9.  Drink Gobena coffee, Just Love coffee, Saints coffee, MissionGrounds coffee - and help support orphans and adoption.

10.  Make a meal for a family with a new baby or adopted child or for a family with someone sick.  Check with your church.

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  1. Great Ideas! My middle son is doing animal volunteering for his independent study. Shelters and Animal Therapy for the Disabled.... and hping too get aa job at the local kennel.

    Hip Hop Homeschool

  2. Love your ideas! Important concept of serving together as a family!

  3. Thanks so much for this list! Our theme for school this semester is Give Back! Plan on using some of the ideas off your list!