Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Naptime Ramblings

That's Lila!  She always slept in this position with her little bottom up and feet crossed.
I love naptime.  Not for me to sleep.  I've never been a napper.  In fact, I didn't like them at all growing up.  Sometimes it's an inconenience to have to work our schedule around it.  But what I love is that it slows down our days that would otherwise zoom by probably filled with activities.  Probably with good activities - there's always lots to choose.  I remember missing naptime when each of the other three gave them up.  Lila gave up naps at 18 months.  The older two took naps until about three years old.  I know we can still have a quiet time at home, but there's always a possible playdate or something else that could be scheduled.  It seems the older the kids get, the faster time goes by.

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