Monday, April 8, 2013

10 More Ways to Add Movement in Your Home School

1.  Leaping for Measurement - Kids leap and then measure how the distance of their leap.  You could graph the leaps as well.

2.  Bowling over Fractions - Play bowling and then shade in bowling pins that fell over with each throw and write the fraction of pins that fell.

3.  Moving Adverbs - Play like Simon Says by say, Hop Slowly or Walk Quickly or Stomp Quietly.

4.  Numberline Locomotion - Create a number on the floor and call out math problems such as:  two minus one or jump up two numbers, gallop to an even number, etc.

5.  It's Getting Loud in Here - Move to a drum beat: if temp is fast, move quickly; if temp is slow, move slowly.

6.  Act out stories or nursery rhymes.

7.  Learn about jump rope games from around the world and try them.

8.  Twister with a Twist - Play twister in Spanish and using all different body parts.

9.  Active Musical Breaks - If you feel the kids are losing focus or have the wiggles, take a break and do Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes or the Sit Down Stand Up Song by Rick Goldin.

10.  Take a Walk outside every day!


  1. Great ideas to get those kids moving. Everyone could use more exercise. Visiting from hip homeschool hop.

  2. Always great to keep kids moving! Many kids learn better this way too.

    Thanks for the tips! Some new ones to try in there!

    Take care,