Thursday, April 4, 2013

Scattered Gifts 2013/Compassion


I haven't written about Scattered Gifts this year.  I guess towards the end of last year after learning about lots of different ways to give, I started to feel - scattered.  Like maybe it would be good to focus on a particular mission or way to give for a whole year, for a longer duration than a month.  I thought it might be nice to get more involved and give in more ways to one organization or missionary.  I wanted to do a better job where we were already giving regularly  So, that's where we are as a family.  We can still respond to God's leading along the way if He directs us to give to opportunities that come before us.

So, this year we are looking to give more to Compassion.  We decided to sponsor another child.  We can save our money to be able to give our sponsored children more gifts - birthday, Christmas, family gifts.  We will also learn about all the other ways we can give through Compassion.  We will try to write more letters to our sponsored children and pray for them more.  We pray God blesses our scattered gifts this year.

We have heard again and again, story after story of how God is using Compassion to change lives!  We want to join God where He is working.  We have followed bloggers on their trips with Compassion.  We have visited Compassion in Colorado Springs to see what a learning center is like in the other countries.  Maybe some day we can visit our sponsored children.  But for now we will pray for them and write them more letters. 

You can join us too!  We are hoping to help more children be sponsored.  We set up a My Compassion Sunday page and would love for you to visit it.  Will you sponsor Nicholas?  He is 8 years old and lives in Ghana.  We sponsor a girl named Bernice in Ghana.  We love to receive her letters and know that Compassion is helping her and her family.  Maybe God is leading you to join Him by sponsoring a child with Compassion too.

Do you already sponsor a child?  Where is your child?

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  1. i dont sponsor through compassion, but my husband and i help sponsor a pastor's family in Rwanda through an organization we do a lot with (one27 ministries). i love this post.
    "if not us, then who will be like Jesus to the least of theses?"
    -audio adrenaline