Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Tea Tuesday - National Hot Tea Month

Tea, tea, tea.  It is like a bubble bath for me.  Relaxing in some of the chaos of life. 

And it's National Hot Tea Month!  Yay! 

Here's some fun ways to enjoy your tea this month:

1.  Try loose leaf tea if you haven't before.  It's so much more flavorful.  A couple of my favorites are Tea Spot's Bolder Breakfast, Tealightful Teas Coconut Almond Crème Cake, and Tea Table Chocolate Mint.

2.  Make your oatmeal with tea.  A nice way to flavor your oatmeal.

3.  Make your hot chocolate with tea.  Peppermint or Spearmint are nice.

4.  Make your rice with tea. 

5.  Take a bath with tea.  Green tea is great for your skin.

There are more ideas on my Pinterest Tea Board too.

More ideas for National Hot Tea Month.

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  1. Make my oatmeal with tea..I honestly never thought about that! I love tea, especially Passion Fruit Iced Tea! Following your Tea Board:)