Monday, January 5, 2015

Tell Me a Childhood Story

Almost every day my daughter asks me to tell her a childhood story.  Today we were driving in Rocky Mountain National Park and she says, "Tell me a childhood story in the mountains."  Of course, I've told her this story before because when I was little I only went to the mountains one time. 

I've always told my kids stories about when I was growing up, and it seems to give them comfort.  Comfort knowing that I made mistakes just like they do.  Comfort knowing I remember and maybe understand what it's like to be 9 years old.  Stories are a chance to teach lessons we've learned so maybe they don't have to learn the same way.  Stories can just be fun.  Sometimes when my daughter has a hard day or something funny that has happened to her she will say, "Now I have a story to tell my kids."  I love that!

I love childhood stories.  I guess because at heart I am still the same person I was at 10 years old or 16 years old or 4 years old.  And I love to hear other people's stories, especially those that I love.

Do you tell family stories?  Do you write them down?  Scrapbook?  Keep a journal? 

I will be writing about telling our stories and creating keepsake stories at my other site Tell Me a Childhood Story.  I will share story prompts, some of my story projects, ways to publish or make keepsakes, and more.  I hope you'll visit me there.

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