Friday, April 10, 2015

The Christian Caregiver
I'm sharing today about my dad's Christian Caregiver support site.  My dad started this site after caring for my granny in her last years.  The site is filled with devotions, resources, devotional blogs, etc..  The site includes suggestions on how to start a local support group.  These resources are applicable to caring for aging parents, sometimes even for adoptive families caring for their children from hard places, for spouses caring for ill or disabled spouses, for those who may be caring for siblings or whoever God has placed in your life. 
Caregivers need each other and support to be strong and faithful to those they care for.  God is strong and faithful to us as we are caring for our loved ones, and He uses others in our lives to carry us along.  Sometimes it is even just a book of devotions that keep our eyes on Him.  Sometimes it is connections with others on the same or similar road that we are on.
I love that God used my dad's caring for my granny to bless others.  I saw how God blessed him and carried him through that journey that at times seemed overwhelming.  It was a holy time.  A time of weakness when he needed to lean on God and was able to see and know Him in new ways.
I see little bits of that just in my parenting of my children on the hard days.  Thanks be to God.  He loves us and our loved ones SO very much.

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