Saturday, August 27, 2011

Learning to eat

Cody has been a challenge. He still isn't sleeping through the night. In fact, he is waking up still about every 2 hours. Probably because he's hungry. At 6 months we tried solids, but he was totally not interested. He would just spit it back out. So we waited and tried again a few weeks later. Same thing. Then he began to eat a couple spoonfuls, but also started to have some reactions and still not much interest. So we waited again.

He's now almost 11 months old. He's eating a little, but it's very slow going. So far he is eating rice and applesauce and cheerios. He's had reactions to sweet potatoes and bananas. We are waiting and watching for reactions before adding anything new. He isn't eating much quantity yet, but at least seems interested now. And he's slept a couple of 3-4 hour stretches. So, I am hopeful that soon we'll turn a corner.

His slow eating hasn't slowed his growth. He weighs 23-24 pounds and is taller than our table. Basically he has been growing like a weed. I am wondering if he will be ready for his birthday cake in a month. Still yet to be determined. 

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